Why the FDA's Latest Statement on Grain-Free Foods Is Dangerous

Why the FDA's Latest Statement on Grain-Free Foods Is Dangerous

Here at Pet Depot, we're animal lovers. And the love we have for our canine & feline friends is no different from the love you have for yours. No doubt our four-legged friends are integral members of our families; and like you, we would do anything to protect them from any and all risks.

From the very first day they enter our lives, protecting our pets means making choices for them that they can't make for themselves. One increasingly difficult choice is which food is the best food for them to eat. What was once a fairly straightforward task has become as complex as making choices for our own health. Along with advancements in human health research, have come advancements in pet health - a good thing! And while deeper insight equips us to make informed choices, ambiguous and even contradictory reporting can be alarming.

One hot topic in the news is the FDA's latest study on grain-free foods. The study itself has been met with skepticism. Before we go any further, we should say that as a retailer who offers grain-free food options, we in no way make any claim to their suitability for your pet - a decision that belongs wholly to you as the pet owner and (advisably) your veterinarian. That said, we found this article published in Pet Business, a well-reputed trade magazine, to offer a balanced and refreshing perspective on this issue. Click the link below to read on and visit www.fda.gov to read the FDA reports yourself. As pet parents, we can never be too discerning when acting on behalf of our forever fur-friends.


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