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At Pet Depot, we are here for you and your pet, and with nine regional stores employing more than 100 pet lovers, we are dedicated to bring you quality products at great prices.  

Proud to be locally owned and operated, Pet Depot was founded in 1994 in Florence, Alabama, now home to the Pet Depot corporate offices and distribution center as well as the flagship store. Since our arrival in 1994, Pet Depot has grown to stores in eight other locations in Alabama: Athens, Cullman, Muscle Shoals, Guntersville, Hartselle, Huntsville, Fort Payne, Hazel Green.

Our stores carry a full line of supplies from dog treats and toys, premium dog and cat food, to pet collars, flea and tick control and so much more. Pet Depot also has a wide assortment of live fish, birds and small animals, including rabbits, ferrets, snakes and more.

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle for your pet, Pet Depot also cares for the community, and a big way we do that locally is assisting animal shelters and rescue groups with pet adoptions. In the Shoals, Pet Depot reached out to the University of North Alabama in Florence, home of the only live lion mascots in the country, Leo III.   Pet Depot assists with the upkeep of Leo III state of the art facility as a cash donor of the Friends of Leo III and Una Charity Foundation.  The habitat is maintained without the help of federal or state funds or tuition fees.

Having a happy, healthy pet is a reward in itself, but Pet Depot believes you deserve extra for shopping with us. That’s why we offer the Pet Depot Rewards Program, a free service that rewards you for treating your pets to our products.

We at Pet Depot firmly believe that our reputation for outstanding customer service is the pathway to building a strong relationship. Our employees are knowledgeable and eager to assist you in meeting the unique needs for your special pet or pets. We believe our cheerful and relaxed atmosphere will keep you coming back to Pet Depot. And don’t forget to bring your pet shopping!


Our Company Values

Integrity: We do the right thing because integrity is the foundation of trust.

Accountability: We are all responsible for our decisions and actions.

Excellence: Excellent work is worthy work. Everything we do is with the intention of excellence.

Service: We take a proactive approach to ensuring we know and understand the needs of our customers and build relationships with them.

Health: We also provide quality care for all animals in our supervision, ensuring they are healthy and prepared to find a long-term home.

Quality: We sell products that nurture and benefit to pet lives.



Return Policy -  
All sales final after 30 days.  All returns must be accompanied with store receipt including exchanges. Cash refunds will only be for cash sales or check sale after 10 business days.  Any returns of check purchases made within 10 business days will be for exchange or store credit.  Charge returns will be credited to the charge card used at time of purchase.  Identification is required at the time of refund.

Freshwater Fish Guarantee -
Valid 10 days after purchase. Exchanges will be made on all deceased fish within the time frame and when you bring back the following:  1. Original receipt 2. Water sample 3. Deceased fish in separate container.  If water chemistry is within normal test results, store credit will be given.  No credit will be given until water chemistry is in normal range.  No cash refunds, exchanges only.

Birds, Reptiles & Small Animals Guarantee -
Valid 10 days after purchase. Exchanges will be made on all deceased animals within the time frame when you bring back the following:  1. Original receipt 2. Deceased animal.  No cash refunds, exchanges only.