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A Smell Good Guarantee You’ll Love.

We strive to provide a friendly, clean, and safe grooming environment for your pet. Our staff is dependable, knowledgeable & waiting to pamper your pet. So, give us a call or stop in and talk with our Pet Stylist about your pet’s next visit.

Grooming services available at all locations. Early drop offs & walk-in available at most locations. Call your nearest store location for complete details on services, hours and pricing.

Coming soon to a Pet Depot near you - book your grooming appointment online with your favorite tailwaggers Pet Stylist.  Give us a call!

Services offered:

Premium Bath- Service includes: Our unique Premium Shampoo Cleansing System that allows for a deep down clean from skin to coat along with a Blow Dry, Brush, Sanitary Trim, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Cleaning, Scissoring Feet & Shaving Pads (all where needed).

Bath + Groom- Service includes: Our Premium Bath service along with desired haircut and style.

De-shed Treatments Add on- Helps reduce shedding. Service includes: De-shed Shampoo and De-shed brushing of your pet. This Add-on Service will be added to the price of your pet’s Premium Bath price.

Flea Treatments- Helps kills fleas & ticks on your dog. Ideal for instant relief. Service includes: Flea & Tick Shampoo and/or Flea Dip solution. This Add-on Service will be added to the price of your pet’s Premium Bath price. To prevent flea & ticks year round, please talk with a sales associate about Spot on, Collars and other monthly treatments.

Teeth brushing- With over 70% of dogs having some form of periodontal disease, a regularly routine of brushing your pet’s teeth is a must. Service includes: Brushing of pet’s teeth with our DentaMed toothpaste.

Nails Only- Nail Trim only

Nails + Grind – A Nail Trim plus a quick and harmless buffing of your pet’s nails to help with sharp edges to prevent scratching and scrap of unwanted surfaces.