Large Charming Aviary Cage, 24x23x67

by Prevue

Color and Style vary by location. For specific availability, contact your local store.

Prevue Pet Products Charming Aviary Large Flight Cage Pearl Gray is a large home designed for single or multiple pet birds of small to medium sizes. Our Charming Aviary bird cage offers plenty of room for your flock, standing over 5 ½ feet tall. This aviary cage comes complete with four plastic feeding cups and two natural wood perches which can be arranged to your desired configuration. A toy activity bar, great for hanging treats or toys, is movable throughout the cage allowing for customizable play area locations. Two large front doors plus four side doors (two on each side) allow ample access to the cage for handling or cleaning.  Side doors can hold food/water cups or nesting box attachments.  Four high quality casters allow for easy mobility from room to room or even indoors to outdoors. Removable bottom grill and metal tray offer mess control and make cleaning a breeze.  Expertly engineered for easy assembly, all Prevue cages undergo independent lab testing to ensure the highest levels of pet safety.  In a timely Pearl Gray tone with white accents. 

Cage F035 measures 23 5/8’’ long, 23 ½’’ wide and 66 ¾’’ high with tight 7/16’’ wire spacing.

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