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HomeoPet Cough 15ml

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May provide temporary relief in pets from a barky cough, and other types of persistent cough, sneezing and dry nose often resulting from kenneling or boarding.


  • Barky cough
  • Dry nose
  • Sneezing


  • No harsh chemicals
  • No known side effects
  • Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing animals
  • Great value up to 90 doses per bottle (depending on weight)
  • Easy liquid dosing medicine


For Birds and Animals less than 1lb: 2 drops in at least 8ozof water for dilution. Allow pet access to the solution throughout the day - the full 8 oz does not need to be completed. Refresh the solution daily. Repeat as needed.

Weight Daily Feeding (drops/day)
1 - 20 lbs 5 drops 3 times daily
21 - 60 lbs 10 drops 3 times daily
Over 100 lbs 20 drops in water, 3 times daily

Dose medicine directly into the mouth, in water, or at meal/snack time"


Aconitum nap 30c, 200c, 1M, Ammon carb 12x , Antimon tart 6c, Arsenicum alb6c, Arsenicum iod 9x, Avena 4x, Belladonna 30c, Bryonia alba 6c, 30c, Carbo veg12x, Causticum 30c, Coccus 6c, 30c, Cuprum met 30c, Drosera rotundifolia 4x,6c, 30c, 200c, Echinacea angustifolia 4x, 200c, Eupatorium perf 30c, Hepar Sulphcalc 200c, Hyoscyamus 30c, Ignatia 6c, 30c, 200c, Ipecac 6c, Kali carb 12x,30c, Lac can 30c, Lachesis 6c, 30c, 200c, Lobelia inf 4x, 6c, Merc solub 200c, Natmur 30c, Nux vom 12x, 30c, Passiflora 4x, Phos 6c, 30c, 200c, Pulsatillanigricans 6c, Rumex crisp 6c, Scutellaria 4x, Silicea 200c, Spongia 6c, 30c, Scilla8x, Stannum met 12x, Sulphur 12x, Valeriana 4x, Veratrum alb 6c. INACTIVE: 20% USP alc., Purified water.