Espree Dog Flea & Tick Spray 12oz

by Espree

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Ready- To-Use water Based Formula
Kills Fleas and Ticks on Contact on Dogs
Will Keep on Killing For Up To 14 Days on Dogs 
For Use On Dogs: Spray Animal with spray nozzle about 8-12 inches from pet. Start spraying animal at the tail, making sure to spray entire coat of the animal, including legs, tail and underbody. With your hand, fluff hair against the way it normally lays to ensure the spray penetrates through coat to skin. For the operate application refer to the recommendations on the bottle before use.

For Use In Dogs Area:  Treat dog bedding and other other pet resting places, as these are primary hiding area for fleas and ticks; no need to remove pet bedding after treatment. To reduce infestation, spray around sleeping area, baseboards, window and door frames, wall cracks, local areas of floors and other resting places until they are slightly moist. Also spray the entire inside surface of dog’s houses and kennels. Do not allow pets to use treated areas until completely dry.

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