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Indoor Dog Potty PRO™

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featuring Connectable Pad System

Finally, an eco-friendly Indoor Dog Potty System designed to fit any size dog, or for multiple dog households. PoochPad™ Indoor Turf Dog Potties resemble natural grass, giving your dog the outdoors inside. Easily washable-no mess, no spills, no fuss-and are great for potty training in your home and even patios, too!

Available in two indoor turf styles - CLASSIC™ (plastic tray) or PRO™ (absorbent pad).

Customize to fit your dog's needs. Use one potty for dogs up to 20 lbs. Connect two interlocking trays or snap together two absorbent pads to build potties for dogs 21-30 lbs, use three potties for dogs 31-45 lbs. Use four or more potties for dogs 45 lbs and up. For multiple dog use, combine weights of dogs to calculate the number of potties required.


Reusable absorbent pad potty system with built-in odor control, featuring patent pending snap fastener system that allows dog owners to build the perfect potty for any size dog or multiple dogs. Convenient folding design for easy transport and travel. Package includes one PoochPad and one PoochTurf mat.

Measures 16" X 24"

1 Potty: Dogs up 20 lbs.

2 Potties: Dogs 21-40 lbs.

3 Potties: Dogs 41-60 lbs.