SENTRY Hot Spot Skin Remedy

by Sentry

Fight the itchy-scratchies! Don't let your dog suffer through hot spots. Treat them right at home with this soothing product.

SENTRY Hot Spot Skin Remedy is specifically formulated to treat hot spots, a common skin ailment of dogs. Signs of these skin irritations include a reddened area, hair loss, intense itching, or may be warm to the touch. This formula does not contain alcohol that can sting when applied to open wounds.

  • Hot spot spray for treatment of skin irritations
  • Hot spot spray for dogs does not contain alcohol
  • 4 fluid ounce bottle
  • One of the best hot spot spray for dogs
  • Does not sting/hurt hot spots on your dog
  • Trim the hair around the sore - Wash the area with mild soap and water, rinse, and pat dry - Apply to affected area using the applicator tip

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