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Turbo Teaser Cat Toy

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Take your cat's favorite toys to the next level with the Turbo® Teaser Cat Toy! Attach this teaser toy to the center of the Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser cat toys for interactive play. The toy features feathery bird-like elements to bring out your cat's inner hunting instincts. Your cat will love batting and chasing after the toy's feathery tips. Add it to your cat's favorite Turbo toys for extra fun!

  • Feathery bird-like elements bring out inner hunting instincts.
  • Perfect for batting and chasing.
  • Pairs with the Turbo Scratcher and Star Chaser.
  • Encourages active play and exercise.
  • Provides engaging mental stimulation.

Attaches to the Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser for interactive play.